Little Asher Almost 4 Weeks Old

I have been a bit lax in posting since my son was born.  Many of you have heard via social media or through word of mouth.  My son Asher John Bassett Rinard was born in the evening of June 21.  He has been a very good baby.  He is so peaceful and besides Baby Asherthe occasional grunt he is very quiet.

Asher will be 4 weeks old this Friday, and in that short time he has gained the weight he lost after delivery and put on some more.  Our babies are always on the small side, and he is small yet packing on the weight in comparison.  He has a beautiful head of hair that sticks up in every direction.  He is the envy of most old men.

He is a delight to hold, and the kids love him.  Marlo’s first words out of her mouth are always about the baby.  She is quite the big sister, very loving and caring.  She has definitely learned from her older brother and sisters how to be a great big sister.

I am blessed with such a great family.

Monday, July 15th, 2013


  1. He is a little sweetheart. Marlo is a stellar big sister. Asher is a very lucky little boy. :) Lots of love for him from all of us.

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