Quickie Update and Encounter Weekend

Wow! If you have missed the past few months at Pursuit Fellowship (Hurst Church), you have missed something amazing. Not to worry, it is going to continue.

  • This week we had another great service.
  • We weren’t clicking on all cylinders, but people really pitched in and the response was great.
  • You know when things go wrong, that something big is going to happen.
  • The past few weeks, something has gone wrong each Sunday.
  • Each Sunday something big happened.  See how it works?
  • Amazing ideas are in their planning stage. If we can pull some of this off, it will take an act of God!
  • Get to Pursuit this Sunday!

To get you caught up, after VBS, we changed our name to more accurately represent who we are as a church.  We are now Pursuit Fellowship.  We made a dent in the community and have been reaching out helping people find jobs, get finances under control, marriages getting back together, kids having a blast, and many other things.  Our band now is doing great.  We lost one member as he moved back to Mexico, but this Sunday they kept up the great atmosphere.  We had a Fall Festival that blew everything up! Seriously, we had about 300 people.  We had a baptism and dedication service that made an impact on everyone that was there, and a Thanksgiving Harvest Meal.  We are told this church has never fed this many people or had this many people so excited!

Life Dull?  You haven’t been to Pursuit lately.

If you have been dry, not really happy with your life, not happy with where you are, and what you do, then you can’t waste another day and get to Pursuit Fellowship this Sunday.  It kicks off at 10:30am and runs for about an hour.  Come a few minutes early for some Starbucks and Panera Bread bagels.

Encounter Weekend in DFW

We are preparing for a weekend that is going to change the life of everyone that participates.  Encounter Weekend 2014, Take 1 will be in February.  More details will come, but you need to start planning to attend this, and be changed for the better.  It will be a Friday Evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning.  We will get you fed, don’t worry.


Monday, November 18th, 2013


  1. Tara Johnson says:

    My family and I joined your service this past Sunday, Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014, and I have to say that your words really brought us together toward change. We really appreciated getting to know you and your wife, and are excited to return to Pursuit for more of your sermons. It has been years since we were both within a church that actually struck us as being quite welcoming and homely, but Pursuit really brought a new prospective to our hearts. We were the family that spoke with you about the children’s hospital, and felt a deep connection with you after hearing of your struggles and obstacles throughout the years. God Blessyou and your family, and we hope to grow with our new family at Pursuit!

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